Give your beloved items and furniture a new chance to shine as the focal point of your home with Vintage Paint lime paint. You don’t always have to buy new to create new breezes and change the look of your interior. Many times when painting, for example, the interior of one piece of furniture also looks fresher and looks at it with new eyes. With Jeanne’D Arc Living’s lime paint, you can paint almost any surface effortlessly and quickly with no time-consuming preparation. Paints are suitable for wood, metal, tiles, stone, glass, plastic, leather and textiles. These water-soluble, eco-friendly and almost odor-free paints leave a beautiful matte, chalky and vintage-looking finish on walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and small items. Heavy objects such as chairs, table tops and floors should be protected with wax or varnish. In addition to the delicious shades, the range includes stunning finishes that not only protect you but also create different effects and emphasize the spirit of the furniture or beautiful details. For example, waxes of different shades instantly create an ‘antique’ or worn-out patinated surface, making the item or piece of furniture look authentic to the old. With metallic effect paints (gold, silver, bronze) you also create gorgeous eye-catchers for your interior. The paint dries incredibly fast and is a pleasure to work with. Welcome to this exciting product line-up on the spot. In addition to advice and guidance, you’ll find an inspiring new book by Jeanne Delivering Arc Living Vintage Paint 2, an affordable painting guide (4,50e) and a great color chart (3e). Paint 100ml (6.50e) and 700ml (25.95e) 2700ml (69.95e). Gold, silver and bronze paints 200ml (21.50e). For example, with a small jar of 100ml you paint a chair of normal size. Often I still have about 1/3 of the paint left, which can be used to paint some small objects.