Bambi ja kuu is an atmospheric decoration and vintage shop located in Riihimäki. Here you will find personal, old-fashioned décor with small items, furniture, flower arrangements and other design ideas. The store is full of personalized vintage and antique items, alternating artwork by local artisans, and delicate, beautiful greenery. Bambi ja kuu also provide Jeanne´d Arc Living chalk paints and waxes for furniture, walls and other surfaces. Bambi ja kuu also tour many different events, so you can easily explore our products in other locations as well. 

Bambi ja kuu was born out of a love for old things full of stories and history and out of respect for creating a new and a high level of craftsmanship.

Bambi ja kuu play with nostalgia and enjoy combining festive and decoration plantings with old, time-appealing antiquities.

Warmly welcome,

Hämeenkatu 4
11100 Riihimäki

mon-tue 11-17
wed-fri 11-18
sat 10-16